Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Angolan child + rantings

I had a few time on my hands and I immediately spent it drawing this. hehe cool noh?

------------------------R A N T----------------------
It's already summer in the Philippines. Instead of being at home, going to the beach, enjoying my days without school, without hospital duties, no homeworks, no headaches; instead of all that, I'm here doing the exact opposite! I have replacement duties for 7 days and damn that's long! After my hospital duties, its already enrollment time. And since summer classes are a prerequisite in our school, it leaves me no choice but to stay here where I'm 3 hrs away from home, facing my trusted laptop. That's a lot of commas.


But wait!!!!! I forgot that I have a reason to be happy today! I forgot that I told myself that nothing will ruin my day today! Because....tan tadahtan tadaaaah I PASSED! I CAN NOW PROCEED TO BECOMING A FOURTH YEAR STUDENT, THUS MAKING ME A GRADUATING STUDENT!!! JUST ONE MORE YEAR AND THIS CURSE SHALL END!!! School sucks we all know that and yet we condemn our children to go to school instead of making them decide for themselves. ha!

I have a lot of pent up feelings of remorse for the world.

Anyways, is my grammar correct? Sorry if my english isn't so good. nyahehe.

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